Medical Shredding

How many files do you think are in a busy medical office?  Hundreds? Thousand?  And how many papers do you think are in each file?  That is a lot of information that needs to be secure in order to protect your patients privacy. There are not only HIPAA guidelines in place to make sure that all medical offices maintain their records properly, but most offices want to make sure that their patient's information is safe.  If even one of your secure files was disposed of in the wrong way, it could be detrimental to your business. Here in Chicago, you have access to one of the leading document destruction companies. We can ensure that when you are ready to dispose of your information, it will be destroyed effectively and efficiently.

Not all information that medical offices need to dispose of relate to patient's. Some of the information that you need to get rid of is about your business and that is just as important as any medical records you would need to destroy. Not only does our company follow all HIPAA guidelines, but we can shred your information on site in front of you so that you know everything was destroyed properly. If you are ready to clean your office up, give us a call today!