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Businesses today face a myriad of challenges with regard to the issue of identity theft and electronic fraud. One step every business must do to win the battle is engage in a regular shredding program.  Furthermore, federal laws such as FACTA, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley require proper document security and disposal. 
About Chicago Paper Shredding

At Chicago Paper Shredding, we can provide all types of shredding services. You don't need to be an expert in corporate security - that’s where we come in. We can handle all of your document destruction requirements. We work with services that operate the latest shredding technology combined with “best business practices” to certify and authenticate that your materials have been properly destroyed.

Your documents can be shredded at your site, or can be picked up and shredded at a secure plant.
Flexibility, security and technology. That’s the Chicago Paper Shredding promise. 
Chicago Paper Shredding is dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions for your business' security needs. We understand the need to protect your sensitive documents and for your business to comply with Illinois and Federal privacy laws. Chicago Paper Shredding offers numerous shredding service levels designed to meet virtually every client's requirement at reasonable prices.

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Whenever you give your house a nice, deep clean, you inevitably uncover old, outdated personal documents. You can come up with bags full of this type of documentation that you no longer need. Before you simply toss it in trash, make sure you shred it to protect that information and ensure it doesn’t get stolen. A home shredder may not be able to do the job, but shredding services can help.

Shredding Services in Chicago, IL

  • Mobile Shredding - Shredding trucks come to your business and destroy your confidential materials on site. You watch the entire shredding process.
  • Off-Site Shredding - Your material is picked up and shredded at a secure plant. A certificate of destruction is issued so you know it was done right. 
  • Hard Drive Shredding - Electronic data needs to be destroyed, not just deleted. We will melt down the pieces of your hardware so the data is gone for good.
Chicago Paper Shredding can shred your important documents in no time. We offer several service options depending on how often you have shredding needs.
  • Purge Service - This type of service is best if you need one time, annual or occasional shredding. Costs are calculated by volume.

  • Ongoing Service - If you continuously accumulate paperwork and need items to be shred every week, month or quarterly, this service is for you. We deliver locked bins to your location and regularly stop by to shred the contents. 

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Chicago Paper Shredding provides all types of fast and secure shredding services. If you have a shredding job, no matter how big or how small, we can get it done quickly and efficiently, without interrupting your everyday business operations. We provide service to businesses and homes across Cook County, and we look forward to helping you too.

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