Mobile Shredding

If you prefer to watch your documents being shred, our on-site mobile shredding solutions are for you!

Chicago Paper Shredding's mobile shredding trucks have the flexibility to control particle size to accommodate the particular needs of our customers. In less than 15 minutes, we can typically perform any typical office shredding purge, from one box to 100 boxes.  

If your business requires regular monthly service, a secure shredding professionals transfer your secure documents from locked bins and transport them to our mobile shredding truck, and the shredding is done in your parking lot. The trucks shred 6,000 pounds an hour so most jobs take only a few minutes.
We normally place locked bins in your office for you to collect all your documents. We come by on a regular schedule and protect your important business data from getting into the wrong hands.
Materials are collected and weighted on certified scales.

Materials are shredded and compacted into a sealed compartment in the back of the truck. You can witness the process if desired. The process is completely secure.

Certificate of destruction is provided for every visit.

Shredded and compacted materials are recycled.
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